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5 Ways a Leaky Roof Can Damage Your Home

A leaky roof is a problem that can get worse and should be a top priority for repair. Often home owners ignore the problem not knowing that overtime water damage can be destructive and very expensive. A small leak can get bigger, it can also spread not just manifesting itself in one area. Here are 5 ways water leaks can cause damage to your roof

Structure Damage

Leaks in your roof can damage beams, studs, ceiling joists, trims and wall framing to say the least. The damage leads to wood deterioration which weakens the structure and the roof framing becomes rotten. To prevent costly wood framing repairs, you’re better off taking care of the roof leak as soon as possible using a professional roofing contractor

Attic and Ceiling Damage

Many homes in El Paso do not have attics but for those that do, you may want to check items stored for damage. Boxes that are wet, puddles of water are sure signs the leaks are present. If no attic, then you can expect to see ceiling paint darker and the plaster may bubble or expand eventually giving way to the leak.

Higher Energy Bill

That is correct high energy bills could result from roof leaks. The water will saturate the insulation which will take a long time to dry out. You may end up adding additional cost replacing the depleted insulation. If the roof repairs are put off for a long time your home is susceptible to losing hot and or cold air.

Mold and Mildew and Your health

This is a hazard that should not be ignored because of the effects.  Water can get trapped in confined spaces where mold and mildew can spread throughout your homes structure. Black Mold (non-toxic) build up is the most common form. It can also lead to serious health issues especially people with asthma, rhinitis, inflammations, nasal congestion just to name a few. Don’t take chances with your health, take care of the source.

Water Damage from Fire Hazard

Shorted electrical wires combined with a roof leak can lead to a fire hazard. If you know you have leaks, its important to make sure the there are no wires near. If you do have exposed wires your best bet would be to contact an electrician and you may want to set up an appointment with your local roofing co.

Lastly, its important to understand the trickle-down effect of chronic roof leaks. Some people choose to ignore the signs because they feel the problem is not severe enough to take action. Others want to save money. The truth is, you are not saving money if you wait.  A simple roof repair is better than a major one.

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