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Let’s understand the Roof leak services in El Paso

El Paso is a city in El Paso County, Texas, and the county seat. It is located in the extreme southwest of the United States. El Paso is known as “Sun City” because it receives 302 days of sunshine on average per year. El Paso is a border town with Juarez, Mexico, and is noted for its wonderful Tex-Mex cuisine. El Paso is a city in El Paso County, Texas, United States, that was founded in 1850. It’s on the Rio Grande, with a bridge connecting it to Juárez, Mexico, just south of the New Mexico border. According to the 2017 U.S. News and World Report rankings, El Paso is one of the best places to live in the country.

Roof leak services El Paso
Roof leak services El Paso

The greatest roof leak repair services in the Southwest are provided by companies. Their top leak repair contractors will restore your roof to its original condition. They can guarantee high-quality services because they are a well-reviewed, local company. For all of our roofing tasks, they only utilise the best materials, so you can rest assured that your roof will not fail anytime soon. Roof leaks can occur for a variety of reasons, but they can cause havoc in your home when they do. Roof leaks can cause a wide range of problems, from mould growth to floods that destroy your furniture and belongings.

The following are some symptoms that your home may have a roof leak services in El Paso and companies provide following roof leak services in El Paso:

  • Roofs and walls stained by water
  • Mold is developing in the crevices of your roof both indoors and out.
  • Gutters that have rusted
  • Odors that are unusual
  • Flooding that hasn’t been explained

It’s also worth noting that you may need to inspect areas like attics and crawl spaces for damage. Damage might arise in rooms we don’t visit too often. Routinely inspecting them can assist you in detecting leaks early on, before they become as dangerous as they can be.

Roof leak services El Paso
Roof leak services El Paso

Roof leaks can happen, but they aren’t often evident until they cause significant problems. It’s always a good idea to keep a watch on your roof for potential problems like leaks. Staying on top of the problem can help you spot it early and resolve it far more quickly.

While roof leaks might occur as a result of harsh weather or a problem with our plumbing, the fundamental cause of roof leaks is faulty roofing. A shoddy roof can cause a variety of issues, including leaks, due to everything from inexpensive materials to shoddy instals.

Furthermore, punctures and other problems caused by harsh weather, debris, animals, or other factors may create leaks on your roof.Repairing a leak from the interior or outside can only provide temporary relief. It’s essentially buying time, and it won’t result in a complete roof replacement. You can use this temporary way to repair your damaged roof from the inside before calling a roofer or hiring any experienced roofing specialists.

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Want to know about how to eliminate the chance of Roof damage repair in El Paso?

El Paso is a city that is also known as “Sun City” as on average, it has 302 days of sun every year. El Paso has always been known for its mouth-watering Tex-Mex cuisine and because it’s a border town to Juarez, Mexico.
Keep a quality check for the roof damage repair in El Paso regularly.

Keeping your roof in good repaired form can make the need longer than usual for full roof substitution
Keep a quality check for the roof damage repair in El Paso regularly.

Alt tag: Keeping your roof in good repaired form can make the need longer than usual for full roof substitution
The very first reason that you will need to repair your damaged roof would be due to leakages that take place because of the joints in the roof. If the roof is sloping one then the probability is there at the joints and junctions. One of the main reasons why roof tiles break is straightforward wear and tear. Additionally due to wear and tear, rough weather conditions may situate the tiles to fall apart. If the roof is flat, then the prospects of leakages are because of the poor and low-quality workmanship or perhaps due to cold joints in the concrete. On an average-sized home of 1,500 to 2,000 square feet, the median homeowner can spend in the middle of $300 and $1,100 to recondition an asphalt-shingled roof. There are several other important factors to consider that would affect the final cost of a roof repair:
● Size of the roof
● Pitch of the roof
● Slpoe of the roof
● Underlayments and flashing
● Existing water damage
● Chimneys and skylights
● Cost of permits

As with any DIY home repair method and technique, the full magnitude of damage cannot always be insistent on before you begin the job. The most considerable hidden cost is large-scale water damage. Frequently, water damage is not get noticed until unless after the roofing is removed and the cover is lay bare.
There’s a chance that the roof will experience no artificial wear and tear over the course of its lifespan. By keeping up with roof repair maintenance, you can eliminate the chance of major structural challenges to your home. However, there are some repairs that are best if the professionals would handle them.

Professional repair agencies will have a rigid type of working structure warranty and/or leak-free guarantee on roofing repairs, so you can be ensured that the leak is fixed properly.
Better to handle the Roof damage repair in El Paso Professionally

The value of repairing roof damage in El Paso is generally profitable and budget-friendly but on the other hand, it really depends upon the area of the damage that has taken place, the location of the project, and the accessibility of repairing agencies. If you may think to incorporate with a small repair yourself than it is a great way to save money for later, but it is also not advantageous in a long way.

Safety tips:
● Never do roof work alone.
● Wear the proper safety gear to prevent injury.
● Have your tools within reach to avoid awkward body positions.
● Use a secure, sturdy ladder when you’re climbing up to the roof and have a helper secure the ladder at the base while you’re standing on it.

As we conclude, applying a metal mesh patch along with additional layers of asphalt material can help to solve most leaks and cracking problems. The worker who will be repairing the roof may also apply a sprinkle of water and UV-resistant strong coating to protect the roof to an extent from future vandalism. It is advised to kindly note that the roof repairs are not permanent in nature. It may enlarge the life of the roof for a few more years but if your roof has started to fail, it would be far better to be ready in advance to completely replace it as soon as you can afford to do so.

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Here’s how you would be able to identify Emergency roof in Texas

Texas is also known as the “Lone Star State” which is quite famous for its BBQ, live music, hot temperatures, and more. Texas categorize among the fastest-growing states in the US, with a greater impact and a good reason. A place that has a budget-friendly cost of living, temperate weather, guaranteed job market, and so many things and places to see and explore and do makes Texas a win for newcomers.

 If your roof is compromised, then your whole home and all the belongings within your home are in danger
Maintain a maintenance to-do-list including the emergency roof

Before anything else, you must calm down think clearly and refrain from making common mistakes when dealing with emergency repairs. This involves hiring some storm chasers or doing the repairs on your own. Here are the three things you must observe and consider when facing this situation.

The service for Emergency roof in Taxes is defined as anything that contains the compositional integrity of your roof. There’s no need to mention the level of prospects for you or your family to become ill from mold, or injured from falling roofing.

You must check if your roof is leaking by getting inside the attic as there’s a chance that you would find tiny shafts of light coming through the roof if there are holes. A heavy storm has the predisposition to penetrate a roof, especially if your shingles are worsely damaged. Although it could be tempting to fix the leaks on your own, it is always better to hand over the job to professional roofers.

The longer you would allow water to enter through the roof without any detection, the more likely your roof might be racked suffer from water damage. It would also give on to mold and mildew formation, discolored ceilings and walls, and clumped attic insulation.

One of the considerable courses of action you can help eliminate roofing emergencies is to have your roof regularly assessed by a professional contractor such as Hollister Roofing. During this evaluation, there’s a chance that the contractor will find any weak spots in your roof and fix any problem areas. This would help you keep your roof and prevent colossal issues from arising.

Having an emergency fund set aside for roofing emergencies is another great way to eliminate gigantic and extravagant issues from forming.
Keep a regular checks on your to eliminate the chance of having an emergency roof checking.

You can also make a maintenance plan so that you could follow it each year regularly to keep an eye on your belongings. In this plan, you can encompass things such as cleaning out the gutters, checking on the fleshing, and looking over your roof and attic for any damage.

If you have the funds to fix smaller challenges then the bigger ones are less likely to occur.

Being acquainted with your roof and its needs, having a maintenance checklist and plan, and hiring a professional to inspect your roof yearly would assist you to prevent roofing emergencies in the future.

Having enough money to fix the vandalizations and hiring a contractor to quickly fix your roofing emergency is an effective as well as an efficient way to keep your roof and home stable and save you funds by the end of the day.

As we conclude, Roof damage is bound to be messy. The mess could come from loose shingle granules, detached shingles, and other debris you’re likely to find on your roof and all over your yard. You should remove the mess to keep your house neat and clear from any danger. There is a safety conjecture associated with roof debris since objects like nails and other sharp roof parts may be lying around your yard.

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Spray Foam Roofing in El Paso

Spray Foam Roofing: The best material for a Flat Roof?

EL Paso is constantly growing and new homes are being built. More people are choosing flat roof designs because of the curb appeal. When it comes to your roofing needs this design limits the types material you can use to repair or replace your roof. Composition shingles are not the answer since they are better used for traditional roof designs. Elastomeric roofing is an option but there might be a better solution.

There is a fast-growing technology known as spray foam or SPF roofing material. This type of roofing material really acts like a sponge and clogs any cracks unseen by the naked eye. It also makes a good insulator. If you have hot summers like El Paso does, spray foam keeps your energy bills low by keeping the hot air outside where it belongs. In turn, your AC unit is not constantly working to produce cold air inside your home.

Every year El Paso experiences heavy rain often exposing roof leaks you thought you never had. If not taken care of, the minor cracks can expand causing further damage. The advantage of using spray foam on a flat roof is that the sealant fills the unseen cracks and stops the leaks completely. This roofing material will save you from major repairs in the future and requires little to no maintenance.

During the cold season spray foam helps trap the heat inside your home. The SPF roofing material acts like a sealant by filling the cracks where air cannot escape nor can the cold air seep through. Bottom line you will have a home that is protecting you from outside weather elements including high winds. Although SPF is more expensive than other traditional materials, the investment is well worth it since there is minimal to no maintenance.

Spray Foam?

Oasis Roofing is certified to handle SPF and can take c

Commercial companies understand the technology and prefer the SPF roofing over others because it’s easy to apply and gets the job done. It requires little maintenance saving them a ton of money. Its also popular with residential customers who also see the value in using spray foam technology.

Where Can I Find Roofing Contractor that handles are of your roofing needs. They have over 25 years’ experience, including flat roof homes. We inspect your home thoroughly for leaks and other potential problems then present you with the results. We also offer assistance with your roof insurance claims.

If you are looking to repair, replace your flat roof you can call us for a free quote at 915-204-8223

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How Often Roofs Need Be Replaced

Question: How Often Do Roofs Need To Be Replaced?

To better understand when roofs need to be replaced, there are a few factors to consider. You have to take into account the type of roof material is on your roof. There really is no true answer although many experts say that a roof has a 25-30-year rule for a roof replacement. But it should you wait that long?

What gets over looked is the weather elements and wild life. El Pasoans don’t have to worry too much with snow accumulation since it happens maybe once a year. But our local area does have to be weary of strong winds, hail damage, rain (causing roof leaks) and sometimes wildlife. All of these can impact the lifespan of your roof. Replacing your roof depends on several key factors:

  • Local Weather
  • The Age of roofing materials
  • Annual maintenance and care
  • The quality of the products
  • The design of the building or home
  • Minor repair up keeps
  • Wildlife: Pest and Rodents
  • Debris Accumulation

El Paso does not really experience four seasons but it does experience from time to time severe weather. It is recommended to inspect the roof for damage any time after bad weather occurs. This allows you to take care of the minor damages preventing them from getting bigger and more expensive.

How long is the lifespan of your Roof?

As mentioned earlier the average length is 25 to 30 years. That can change if the roofing material is old, or low quality and the roofing contractor did a poor job installing the roof. Another factor is the pest, termites for example can be damaging the wood on your roof. The weakened beams can cause a future collapse forcing the owners to file an insurance claim to fix the roof.

Do the type of materials used determine the life of you roof?

Yes, not every roofing material is created equal! Some last longer than others. See the graph below:

Roofing Year Approx.
Asphalt Shingles 20 Years
EPDM15 to 25 Years
Metal40 to 80 Years
Modified Bitumen20 Years
TPO7 to 20 Years
Bur30 Years
Spray Foam25 to 35 Years

Of course we have to look at other variables as well. One example is that the roofing material was not good from the start (like a bad lemon) or the roofing contractors did a poor job installing the material. You also take into consideration weather.

Despite the variables, if the roofing maintenance was done then the roofing material could last much longer than expected. There are simple tips you can do on your own to ensure lasting results:

  • Inspect for Debris after weather storms
  • Look for water puddles inside the home
  • Ceiling Stains- Are they getting bigger and is the ceiling changing shape
  • Safely check the roof top for dents, missing shingles or puddles

We can agree that a home that is well maintained will not need major fixes. If you do spot a leak or damage, don’t delay, get someone out there to fix it. Some homeowners will turn the other way because of potential costs. But what if the damage was small? A 200 dollar repair is better than an 8k-10k repair.

Wildlife: Pest and Rodents

One common problem that people over look is pest and insects. Termites like wood and can eat their way through the framing. This weakens it making it vulnerable to even the lightest of storms. It is a good idea to check for rot especially on the framing that keeps your roof together.

Believe it or not rats can also present a problem. The don’t necessarily eat wood but they do bit it as they look for areas to build their nests. This will weaken the framing and can become an expensive problem. Hiring an exterminator will save you money keeping the wildlife at bay.

Finally, taking care of or simply maintaining your roof can reduce the amount of times need for a re-roof, installation or repairs. If you simply take a few minutes of your time to inspect your roof you will be saving yourself a ton of money, and keep the insurance from raising your rates.

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Roof Leak Repair

5 Ways a Leaky Roof Can Damage Your Home

A leaky roof is a problem that can get worse and should be a top priority for repair. Often home owners ignore the problem not knowing that overtime water damage can be destructive and very expensive. A small leak can get bigger, it can also spread not just manifesting itself in one area. Here are 5 ways water leaks can cause damage to your roof

Structure Damage

Leaks in your roof can damage beams, studs, ceiling joists, trims and wall framing to say the least. The damage leads to wood deterioration which weakens the structure and the roof framing becomes rotten. To prevent costly wood framing repairs, you’re better off taking care of the roof leak as soon as possible using a professional roofing contractor

Attic and Ceiling Damage

Many homes in El Paso do not have attics but for those that do, you may want to check items stored for damage. Boxes that are wet, puddles of water are sure signs the leaks are present. If no attic, then you can expect to see ceiling paint darker and the plaster may bubble or expand eventually giving way to the leak.

Higher Energy Bill

That is correct high energy bills could result from roof leaks. The water will saturate the insulation which will take a long time to dry out. You may end up adding additional cost replacing the depleted insulation. If the roof repairs are put off for a long time your home is susceptible to losing hot and or cold air.

Mold and Mildew and Your health

This is a hazard that should not be ignored because of the effects.  Water can get trapped in confined spaces where mold and mildew can spread throughout your homes structure. Black Mold (non-toxic) build up is the most common form. It can also lead to serious health issues especially people with asthma, rhinitis, inflammations, nasal congestion just to name a few. Don’t take chances with your health, take care of the source.

Water Damage from Fire Hazard

Shorted electrical wires combined with a roof leak can lead to a fire hazard. If you know you have leaks, its important to make sure the there are no wires near. If you do have exposed wires your best bet would be to contact an electrician and you may want to set up an appointment with your local roofing co.

Lastly, its important to understand the trickle-down effect of chronic roof leaks. Some people choose to ignore the signs because they feel the problem is not severe enough to take action. Others want to save money. The truth is, you are not saving money if you wait.  A simple roof repair is better than a major one.

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    Roofing El Paso Tx

    Roofing El Paso Tx

    Roofing El Paso

    A Good Contractor provides quality Roofing in El Paso Tx.

    There are plenty of Roofers in El Paso to choose from but how do you know which one will give you best quality at an affordable price? Who will provide good roofing services and truly fix the leak that surfaces every time a storm comes in? With so much competition and so many offers, it can be challenging to figure out who is good and who is not. There are a few steps you can take to determine which roofing contractor in Paso is right for you!


    It never hurts to ask family and friends if they know of a good company that will fix your roof at a good price. Sometimes this is all you need since family and friends are not looking to recommend a roofer that is going to stiff you or do a bad job! But what if no one has had their roof done, what should you do next?

    You can open up your laptop and search for roofing companies in El Paso as a starting point. The search engines will provide with a listing of many companies some with good and bad reviews. It is a good idea to look at the reviews to see who is doing a good job and who is not. Here you can make a list of the ones you might consider taking on the project. Take your time to read the reviews both good and bad and also check out their websites to see what other services they offer. This will help you determine who to choose for a roofing estimate.

    Free Estimates

    Now a days it is standard to offer free estimates or free quotes on a roof repair. With high competition to get your business, most companies will offer you a free estimate. Some roofers will go to your home and inspect, assess the damage on your roof and quote you on the spot. Others will take it a step further by sending you via email or fax a report detailing the list of materials they will use, labor costs and what is being repaired. This is good thing! It does not make sense to offer you a price with out truly knowing the cost of roofing materials and labor. With this report you get an idea of the roof damage and the plan to repair your roof.


    It is always a good idea to check the credibility of the roofing company. How long has the company been around? Are they insured and do they have the proper certifications? There are plenty of ways to find out if the company is credible or not. The Better Business Bureau is a good way to find out if the company is in good standing.

    Roofing companies who are in good standing will often list their credentials on their site. If they don’t, it does not mean they are not qualified they just may not have time to add it on their website. You can always ask the person for credentials which most roofers will be happy to show you. Getting credentials, reading reviews and even asking around for recommendations, are all good ways to make that final decision on who you want fixing your roof.

    Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

    Some of these contractors will offer assistance with your insurance claims while others don’t. It really is up to you to decide if that’s a responsibility you want to pass on to your roofer. Regardless always stay on top of the situation making sure the insurance adjuster and the roofing contractors’ intentions are to fix your roof!

    Warranties Offers

    Good roofing contractors in El Paso take pride in their work and will always offer warranties. This is important in case the job was not done correctly. The company would have to come back and redo the job correctly with out charging you extra money. So always ask about warranty offers and get a clear understanding of what is being covered and what is not.

    Payments and Documents

    Every roofer in El Paso has their own way of collecting their fees. Never pay full amount upfront! This is risky, you may never see your contractor or money again and you are stuck with the same issues on your roof! Most companies will accept partial payments so that they may go out and get the materials they need which is common to say the least. It’s a good idea to be cautious and flexible at the same when it comes time to paying the roofer.

    Its also important to keep all documents you received during this whole process. This means keeping a copy of the estimate or quote, payment receipts, warranties and whatever documents you received from your insurance company. This is important so that you are covered in case future issues arise. If you follow these simple recommendations you are sure to get quality roofing in El Paso Tx.

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      Hail Wind Repair

      Hail Damage Roof Repair


      Hail Roof Damage after a Severe Storm in El Paso Tx

      El Paso Texas is city known to occasionally have severe thunderstorms that bring high winds and hail. When this happens, your personal property becomes a target for mother nature potentially damaging your assets. Your roof is one asset that protects your home and everything inside. So, it is always important to check your home after a severe hail storm.

      A damaged roof can lead to leaks inside your home. Have you ever experienced a drip landing on you, only to look up and see water dripping from your ceiling? You immediately get up and get a bucket to collect the water. If this sounds like your situation after a storm then you need to seriously consider a roof repair. Ignoring the leaks overtime can add additional cost like ceiling replacements, mold removal, and replacing your carpet.

      Searching for Leaks and Taking Action

      Many roofs do withstand hail storms, but it doesn’t hurt to inspect your home both inside and out after a major hail storm. Some leaks are not visible, so look for puddles around your home and find where its coming from. Another tip is to look at your walls, ceilings for what looks like damped areas. Wet spots can be visible as they appear darker. Before leaks occur, the area in question will no longer absorb the water and will begin to drip. Inspect your attic (if you have one) for leaks and/or puddles of water.

      If there are no leaks, then its time to check the outside. (Remember you are inspecting your home after a severe hail storm). When safe, walk around your yard and look for any signs of roof debris. If you see torn shingles on the ground you need to inspect your roof for further damage. You should also look for dents, holes or exposed areas that should be covered. You can also get a hold of a roofing contractor to inspect your roof for hail and wind damage if you’re not sure what to look for. Its better to spot, isolate and repair the problem sooner than later.


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