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Hail Roof Damage after a Severe Storm in El Paso Tx

El Paso Texas is city known to occasionally have severe thunderstorms that bring high winds and hail. When this happens, your personal property becomes a target for mother nature potentially damaging your assets. Your roof is one asset that protects your home and everything inside. So, it is always important to check your home after a severe hail storm.

A damaged roof can lead to leaks inside your home. Have you ever experienced a drip landing on you, only to look up and see water dripping from your ceiling? You immediately get up and get a bucket to collect the water. If this sounds like your situation after a storm then you need to seriously consider a roof repair. Ignoring the leaks overtime can add additional cost like ceiling replacements, mold removal, and replacing your carpet.

Searching for Leaks and Taking Action

Many roofs do withstand hail storms, but it doesn’t hurt to inspect your home both inside and out after a major hail storm. Some leaks are not visible, so look for puddles around your home and find where its coming from. Another tip is to look at your walls, ceilings for what looks like damped areas. Wet spots can be visible as they appear darker. Before leaks occur, the area in question will no longer absorb the water and will begin to drip. Inspect your attic (if you have one) for leaks and/or puddles of water.

If there are no leaks, then its time to check the outside. (Remember you are inspecting your home after a severe hail storm). When safe, walk around your yard and look for any signs of roof debris. If you see torn shingles on the ground you need to inspect your roof for further damage. You should also look for dents, holes or exposed areas that should be covered. You can also get a hold of a roofing contractor to inspect your roof for hail and wind damage if you’re not sure what to look for. Its better to spot, isolate and repair the problem sooner than later.


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