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Emergency Roof Repair

Oasis Roofing handles emergency roof repairs when they strike. Being Mother Nature is not a 9-to-5 job with weekends and holidays off. Bad weather can strike at a moments notice tearing off shingles or making small roof leaks worse. Our emergency roof repair service offers quick assessment and fast repair service on roofs that were damaged. We handle the entire insurance claim process for you so that you can get your roof protecting the inside of your home.

  • We Handle Insurance Claims
  • Hail & Storm Damage Experts
  • Wind & Tree Limb Damage

Even the sturdiest roofs cannot withstand the harsh conditions when a storm moves through your community. We at Oasis Roofing represent our clients handling the entire insurance claim process. Storm damage and other emergency repair services are covered by your insurance policies; however, it can be difficult to get your claim accepted. We will quickly secure the leak and help you with your claim.



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