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Flat Roof Repair For El Paso

There are many flat roofs in El Paso that are in of need repair. Some of the damages that occur can range from bad weather, old out dated coatings, cracks, rotted material and standing water.

Flat roofs require special material since they are not your typical shingle style roofs. They can be repaired using elastomeric material or spray foam, both are effective ways to protect your roof.

Your roof is part of your home (your investment) and should be treated as such. Protecting your roof is vital to protecting the inside of your home. Leaks can damage the outside as well is the inside if ignored or delayed for repair.

Protect your Flat roof the best material on the market. With Oasis Roofing, we can determine the type of material you need to protect your investment. Typically, flat roofs are coated with Elastomeric or Spray Foam.

What is Elastomeric Roof Coating?

This type of coating is liquid based mainly applied to low slope roofs or flat roofs which is applied like paint. They create an effective sealing to prevent roof leaks from happening and existing ones from worsening.

These types of roof coatings can last between 10 to 15 years. Considered by many experts elastomeric is the most cost effective and very popular coating widely used in El Pasoans that have flat roof. Its is easy to apply and forms a highly durable rubber that will not crack or melt.

What is Spray Foam Roofing?

Spray foam roofing is a new method of roof repair that is sprayed on using materials like polyurethane (typically1.5 thick) to help protect your roof from adverse weather and sealing all cracks and stop leaks.

Spray foam is a little more expensive but is considered by many roofing contractors to be worth applying. The material has high energy efficiency by cutting cooling cost by about 30%. Spray foam is durable and long lasting and can effectively cut your energy bills.

Don’t Delay Repairs

Delaying a roof repair can lead to further damage which can get costly. A simple roof leak can lead to damaged ceilings, it can rot the wood frame or even cause an electrical hazard. If left unchecked you could end up hiring a roofing contractor, carpenter and/or electrician to repair all the damages your roof has caused. If you’re on the fence let us take a look and evaluate the damage! Our trained eyes will locate and inspect the damages.



Oasis Flat Roofing Service

Oasis Roofing offers multiple options to assist El Pasoans in choosing the right material for their roof at the right price. Like a professional should, we offer to inspect your roof thoroughly and suggest the best option for the roof repairs.

Whether you choose Elastomeric or Spray foam, Oasis Roofing has over 25 years’ experience, and is prepared to handle any roof coating that best fits your roofing needs.

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