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Roof Damage Repair

Oasis Roofing will perform a complete evaluation of your roof’s condition and its water intrusion problems. Damage on the roof can consist of age, rain, hail and even wind roof damage. It is important to take care of the signs before they can become costly repairs. Each roof is unique in how it conducts water on its surface. Some roof damage may be visible while other types of damage are undetectable to the untrained eye. We will provide you with viable roof repair options. We will locate the damage as well as make sure other vulnerable areas are spotted and taken care of as quickly as possible.

  • Detailed Roof Assessment
  • Roof Repair Estimate
  • Insurance Claim Assistance

Oasis Roofing identifies the severity and extent of roof damage looking at key areas and check-points on the roof system. It’s important in commercial buildings and homes to locate the source of roof leaks quickly. Repairs are made efficiently in a short time to minimize the impact on business or family dwellings. Oasis Roofing will provide you with a comprehensive, sustainable solution to your roof repair needs.



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