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Spray Foam Roofing: The best material for a Flat Roof?

EL Paso is constantly growing and new homes are being built. More people are choosing flat roof designs because of the curb appeal. When it comes to your roofing needs this design limits the types material you can use to repair or replace your roof. Composition shingles are not the answer since they are better used for traditional roof designs. Elastomeric roofing is an option but there might be a better solution.

There is a fast-growing technology known as spray foam or SPF roofing material. This type of roofing material really acts like a sponge and clogs any cracks unseen by the naked eye. It also makes a good insulator. If you have hot summers like El Paso does, spray foam keeps your energy bills low by keeping the hot air outside where it belongs. In turn, your AC unit is not constantly working to produce cold air inside your home.

Every year El Paso experiences heavy rain often exposing roof leaks you thought you never had. If not taken care of, the minor cracks can expand causing further damage. The advantage of using spray foam on a flat roof is that the sealant fills the unseen cracks and stops the leaks completely. This roofing material will save you from major repairs in the future and requires little to no maintenance.

During the cold season spray foam helps trap the heat inside your home. The SPF roofing material acts like a sealant by filling the cracks where air cannot escape nor can the cold air seep through. Bottom line you will have a home that is protecting you from outside weather elements including high winds. Although SPF is more expensive than other traditional materials, the investment is well worth it since there is minimal to no maintenance.

Spray Foam?

Oasis Roofing is certified to handle SPF and can take c

Commercial companies understand the technology and prefer the SPF roofing over others because it’s easy to apply and gets the job done. It requires little maintenance saving them a ton of money. Its also popular with residential customers who also see the value in using spray foam technology.

Where Can I Find Roofing Contractor that handles are of your roofing needs. They have over 25 years’ experience, including flat roof homes. We inspect your home thoroughly for leaks and other potential problems then present you with the results. We also offer assistance with your roof insurance claims.

If you are looking to repair, replace your flat roof you can call us for a free quote at 915-204-8223


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